Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Whitten's Skateboarding...

This little man has enjoyed learning to skate so much!! I love to watch his face...he is so serious!!

Vaiden's skateboarding...

This kind of stuff scares me!!!

Mary Katharine's one year old phot shoot...

Here is my attempt at a photo shoot!! Mary Katharine was not in the best of moods this day. She also fell and had a big red goose egg on her forehead from early in the day...typical!! ha!! Anyway, I do think I was able to get a few good, sweet pictures!!

Mary Katharine turns ONE!!

For Mary Katharine's first birthday party, we had some friends and family come over to help us celebrate!! She had a green and pink party and it really was sweet!! Mary Katharine loved her smash cake and she loved opening presents. We had a great party!! Still can't believe that she is a year old now:(

Joe Hudson and Mary Katharine

Mary Katharine's new ride to keep up with the boys...she loves it!!

Sweet girl has walked some miles with this stroller!! She loves pushing it around the house!!

Random August pictures of Mary Katharine...

These pictures are just too cute not to share:)

Before and After...

After the tornado took so many trees from our backyard, Michael and I had to get some blinds for the kitchen. We went with the cheap and easy ones from Home Depot. They look great in the kitchen and really helped with the sun coming in the house!!



This is my kitchen having it to watch the boys play while I am cooking dinner!! Love how the window looks now that we added these blinds!!



These are not the best pictures, but you get the idea!! Can't believe we have been this long without blinds at the table!! Such a blessing!!