Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My boys...

Just a couple of recent pics that I took the other day outside!!

Just what we do around here...

The gang
(Whitten, Vaiden, Andrew, Abby, and William)

Having a blast riding our remote control cars. Michael cleared out some trails in the woods for the kids to ride and they love it!! So much fun!!

First Movie...

Vaiden has never seen a movie at the movie theater...I know it really it pathetic!! No main reason, but just never thought he would be interested in any movie to sit through it. He's just not much of a TV/Movie watcher. So, Vaiden turned 5 years old in December and for his birthday treat, Michael and I took him to see his first movie. The only child movie that was playing was the Princess and the Frog. I was a little worried that it would be a girlie movie, but we decided to go anyway. The movie was great and it was not a girlie movie at all. It was based in New Orleans, so the music was fantastic!! Michael and I both really enjoyed it as well. Vaiden had a blast and he said his favorite part was the huge popcorn tub he got to eat out of. We hope to take him back to the movies again soon!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day in January!!

I know that the Northerners laugh at us Southerners for getting so excited about a little bit of snow, but we rarely see snow down here!! My kids were happy to wake up Thursday morning to see the snow falling. The best part about it snowing was that Michael got a snow day at work!! So, we all bundled up and headed out to play!! Whitten kept screaming "snow, snow" and wanted to pick it up. Vaiden was excited too and was ready to go sledding down the hills. Whitten loved the sled too, but he finally got brave and told his Daddy he wanted to go all by himself!! He is such a big boy!! It snowed several times during the day and the snow is still on the ground now because the weather is so cold. Although it's no longer snow it's frozen snow!! All in all, we got about a 1/2 to 1" of snow and for us Southerners....that's something to be really excited about!!

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas this year!! Vaiden was really into it all and was so excited to wake up on Christmas morning. Whitten loved to unwrap his presents and would go crazy over the box regardless of what it was...too cute!! Vaiden didn't really care about his presents because his eyes were on only one thing....the 4 wheeler!! We went to Canton on Saturday and spent the week with my parents. The boys had another Christmas there and they were so excited to spend some time with Sittie and G-Daddy. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas also!!

~spreading the reindeer food we made~

~Christmas Morning~
the boys riding their new wheels!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Family Christmas...

We celebrated Christmas with Michael's family the weekend before Christmas. We had a great dinner, a ton of gifts to unwrap, and plenty of stories to hear and tell. We were happy to have Michael's Aunt Bitsy and Unlce Jud with us this year...we miss them and love them so!! Michael also hunted over the weekend. I dressed the boys up and they had their picture taken with Daddy and the ducks in their camo!! Such a fun weekend:)

Vaiden's school b-day party

lunch time

I took cupcakes to Vaiden's school for his birthday week. He was so excited!! I also read the class a couple of books and then enjoyed the cafeteria food with Vaiden for lunch:)

School Christmas Parties...

The Christmas holidays kept us super busy!! Vaiden had a Polar Express Christmas Party at school this year. The kids wore their Christmas pjs and rode a precious train, then went back into the classroom for some hot chocolate!! They had a blast!!
Vaiden and his buddy, Gavin, riding of all things...the MSU train cart!!

Vaiden's class

Vaiden and I at his Christmas Party
Whitten also had a Christmas Party at his MMO school!! The kids had so much fun eating the cookies!! Whitten wanted more after inhaling his first one. Whitten's teacher, Mrs. Jamie, made reindeer shirts for the whole class. They all looked really cute with them on!!

Whitten eating a cookie at his Christmas Party!!

Whitten's class

Whitten and I at his Christmas Party