Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Night out with Daddy...

Our neighbors gave us 2 tickets to the Ole Miss vs. Kentucky basketball game. Michael asked Vaiden to go and he was so excited. The game was last night and as you can see from the pics, Vaiden enjoyed the popcorn the best!! He was so cute getting ready yesterday. He got his Ole Miss clothes on and then told Michael to go get his Ole Miss clothes on too. He was such a proud little guy yesterday...he told everybody that he was going to the game with his Daddy!! They stayed the whole game and Ole Miss won. So, all in all, in was a great night!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday KK!!


Katharine and I growing friends!!

Katharine and I now...still best friends!!
The 3 of us...Katharine, Trey, and I
Katharine and Whitten
Katharine and Vaiden
(She loves my children like her own...and they love her, too)
Katharine and Michael
(when she first meet Michael, she didn't like him she loves him!!)
I love this picture!!
Katharine was my maid of honor in my wedding. She started crying on Thursday and didn't stop crying until we left for our honeymoon Monday morning. She was afraid things wouldn't be the same...but they only got better!!
My little sis had a birthday over the weekend. She turned 31...that makes us the same age!! She always loved these next 3 weeks because I couldn't use the "Because I am older than you" card. We had a great birthday weekend with you KK!! We love you!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday Daddy~G-Daddy!!

My Daddy turned 60 over the weekend and I want him to know that we all love him and send him the best birthday wishes!!

If you don't know my dad, you are missing out on knowing an incredible man!! He is a loving husband, father, and G-Daddy!! Thank you for all you do for us...We "heart" you!!
Me and my Daddy
(I wish I knew what I was telling him)
I am such a "Daddy's Girl"!! And proud of it:) (My parents)
(our family)
(My dad with Vaiden) (My dad with Whitten) My dad doing what he loves most~watching my children~just play!!
G-Daddy and Whitten
G-Daddy and Vaiden~riding the bumper cars!!

G-Daddy and Sittie at Vaiden's 4th birthday party

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's and Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX

Michael and I had a great New Year's weekend with friends in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl. The weekend was great and the fact that Ole Miss won made the trip even better!!
~New Year's Eve we rented a Hummer Limo~It was awesome!!

~Michael riding the bull at Eddie Dean's New Year's Eve Party~

~ Michael and I at the Cotton Bowl/New Year's Eve Parade~
(Cliff, Sarah, Tripp, Erin, Jason, Mary Lacy, Michael, me, Heather, Jay, and Jenni)
~The Parade~
(I think Jason is tired of all my picture taking)

~Ole Miss Pep Rally~
(Mary Lacy, Jason, me, Michael, Heather, Jay, Chad, Jenni, Clint, Brandon, Kimberly)
~Dinner at Chaucer's~

~Ole Miss 47 vs Texas Tech 34~
we won
Hotty Toddy

4 year old pictures

For the last 4 years, I have taken Vaiden to JC Penny to have his picture made on his birthday. It has been great having cheap pictures of him to put in his scrapbook. I have been very pleased with JCP, but this year I wanted to try a new place, Portrait Innovations. I went in for their $9.95 special and came out spending alot more!! The pictures turned out really sweet and of course, I had to throw Whitten in a couple. Here are some of my favorites...
I love that smile!!
I love that smile, too!!
~Vaiden at 4 years old~
I realized that my 4 year old needed a big boy haircut--stayed tuned to that post--he now looks like he is 7 years old!!
Whitten at 10 months old
The first year at JCP, the lady brought out a cake with a "1"candle on it and I about died!! It was not cute, but the pictures of Vaiden with this ugly cake were precious. The great thing about the cake pictures were that it started Vaiden's next year scrapbook. Well, every year since, we have had his new age number in the pictures. Here is number 4...

The cheesy things I do for scrapbooking!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vaiden's Camping Party

Vaiden had his 4th and final birthday party at the end of December (note back to previous post to see why we had 4 birthday parties). We decided to do a camping party at my parents house and it was so much fun. I made the "log" birthday cake and even though some people didn't know what it was supposed to be, I thought it went with the theme very well!! The weather turned out great and Vaiden had so many friends come. They all had a blast jumping in the space jump, playing in the camping tent, roasting smores, and just running around. Happy Birthday Vaiden!! PS...thanks to Renee at BabyFace Design who did a great job with all of the invitations and goodie bags!!

(My attempt at making Vaiden's Birthday cake~it's a campfire!!)

(Back L to R: Lilly, Morgan, Katherine, Connor, Vaiden, Sims, Gibson, Cayton)

(Front L to R: Whitten, Taylor, Mary Varner, Daynie)

(The Mosby Crew minus Trey~he wouldn't get in the picture)

(The Ellis Crew)