Monday, June 28, 2010

Grillin' and Playin"

Michael loves to grill and I love it when he does!! He usually will cook enough meat for the week, which makes my job of cooking dinner very, very easy!! The boys love to be outside and when Michael is grillin' they are right underneath him playin'!! They love to race their dump trucks across the deck. Whitten has really gotten the idea and gives Vaiden a good run for his money!! We love the summertime!!

Happy (late to blog) Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to our Daddy!!
Michael is such a wonderful person, but nothing compares to the kind of Daddy he is!! Our boys love him to pieces!! When he steps out of his truck each day, they rush to his door screaming, "Daddy's home"!! The best was last week...after Whitten got his hug and kiss he walked away from Michael, put 2 thumbs up, and said, "Yes, Daddy's Home!!" It melted my heart!!
I also want to wish my Daddy and Michael's Daddy a Happy (late to blog) Father's Day, too!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Like Brother...

Whitten looks up to his big brother so much!! He has really enjoyed this summer because Vaiden has been home with us everyday. Vaiden has gone to VBS and soccer camp this summer and Whitten gets really upset and cries for several minutes when we drop Vaiden off!! I hope they continue this bond for the rest of their lives:)
Vaiden had a t-ball game last week and wanted to wear some eye black. Well, of course, little bit had to have some too!! Love this picture!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fishing with Nana and PawPaw

Several weekends ago, Michael and I took the boys to visit Nana and PawPaw. Sunday turned out to be a great day to go fishing!! Vaiden has really grown to love fishing. (I think it's because his Daddy and PawPaw love to fish!!) We started the day with a bucket full of crickets and we were after the big brim that PawPaw had been telling us about!! Whitten was just as excited about climbing into the boat as Vaiden was. It was a hot day, so Whitten fished for a little bit then went in to ride 4-wheelers with Nana. We caught 20 total brim and we could have caught more, but we ran out of crickets!! It was such a fun day out on the lake!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Last day of school...

Sorry this is so late getting posted, but things have been crazy around here!!
Vaiden had his last day of PreK and it was great. They performed a "farm" theme and his class was horses. They sang a couple of songs and of course, Vaiden belted out every word!! After the play, the class had a ice cream party. The kids and adults loved it all!! I can't believe in a few short weeks, my baby will be in Kindergarten!!
Vaiden getting on the bus on his last day of school. He was so excited because he got to choose any seat he wanted!! Oh, the simple joys of childhood:)

Vaiden with his bus teachers!! They gave him a bus certificate for being a good rider all year. He was so proud!! We love these ladies and they both love my little man!!

Vaiden with his teachers...LOVE them both!!
Our family at the ice cream party!!
Sittie came up for the play and party!!

Paw-Paw and Nana came for the party and play, too!!

Love this sweet face...

I was taking pictures outside the other day and got this one of Vaiden. He is growing up so fast!! He is such a good and sweet boy!! He is so excited about the new baby coming. He says it is going to be a girl. He also says, "Man, I am gonna have to teach the new baby everything it knows!!" He is such a good big brother and I hope he stays this sweet forever!! I love him so much!!!!

Vaiden's love for the game...

Vaiden has started T-ball this year and it has been alot of fun watching him play. He loves soccer mainly because he can run!! Well, T-ball is a very different sport and he does like it, but he doesn't really like the waiting around. Although, he did realize early on that the ball field has some good dirt!!!! Here are a couple of Vaiden's defensive stances...

Vaiden's turn at bat is great!! The coach pitches 3 balls, if he can't hit them, he gets to hit off the Tee. He has done really well so far and is continuing to improve each day!!
Vaiden loves to round home is his slide!! You really shouldn't laugh, because he meant to slide like this...he can get alot dirtier this way:)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Boston Trip

Michael and I went to Boston a couple of weeks ago with his company. We had a blast!! We stayed in the Liberty Hotel. It was a beautiful hotel and one that was renovated many years ago from an old jailhouse to a gorgeous hotel for a cheap 14 million dollars!! All of Boston was beautiful though. The weather was so nice and Michael and I literally walked the streets of Boston the whole week. We also took their famous "Freedom Trail" walking tour that had many historic stops along the way. We also ate at some great restaurants too!! All in all, we had a great trip and hope to go back soon!!
Inside the lobby of the Liberty Hotel
Inside lobby of the Liberty Hotel

Me standing in front of another monument at Bunker Hill
Bunker Hill Monument
The top of the Bunker Hill Monument...239 steps high...I had to go up and I thought I was gonna have the baby along the way...It was a tough climb!!

We ate at the Barking Crab for lunch one day and it was so good.

Michael had seen this restaurant on the TV show, "Man vs. Food". He couldn't try the same platter as the guy on the show, but did manage to eat alot of seafood!!

USS Constitution

Had to stop for some ice cream and the cow was too cute...cheese!!

We ate at the bar "Cheers" one night. It was good, but a beer would have been better than water!! The mugs were cute, so I pretended!!

The park down from our hotel in Beacon Hill

Michael and I at Fenway Park. This was one of our best days in Boston. The Red Sox lost to Toronto, but it was a good game and the stadium and atmosphere were awesome!!