Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The most snow I have ever seen...

We got 8 inches of snow last week. It was so beautiful and I still have a hard time believing that we got that much in Mississippi. The kids had a blast playing. We played a couple of hours at a time until we got cold...then inside to warm up and dry the clothes. Then it was back out again. Needless to say, the snow stayed around for several days and we were able to enjoy it for a long time. We built a huge snowman that we called the "redneck snowman". Michael loved him:)Vaiden loved sledding. We also built a ramp that Whitten couldn't get enough of. Mary Katharine just loved being outside and watching all the other kids. We loved all this snow, but I am truly happy that it is only a "every once in awhile thing"!! Here are a few of the hundreds of pictures I took during this great snow!!

The boys have been begging for Mary Katharine to play in the bathtub with I let her in and they played for an hour!! Love these babies!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A night out with friends...

Over the Christmas holidays, Michael and I were able to spend some time with old friends. So fun and so needed!!

Rolling Over I totally staged these "rolling over" pictures!! I have to has to go in her scrapbook:) Anyway, Mary Katharine is rolling over and she sometimes just rolls all over the room. She loves to be on her stomach because she can see what the boys are doing. She loves to watch EVERYTHING they do!! My little girl is getting so big!!

Cereal Time

Mary Katharine is growing up way too fast!! She is now eating cereal from a spoon and loving it!! She instantly ate the cereal when I fed it to her. She is also loving some carrots and sweet potatoes. Oh and the fruit puts a smile on her face also!! She is going to be one good eater!!

Christmas Dinner

We had a house full for Christmas Dinner this year and it was so nice to have everyone together. Michael and I have been married for 10 1/2 years and we have never used our fine china and silver that we got for wedding presents. Sad, I know...but today was the first!! The table looked so pretty and the food was delicious. Michael and I choose to have a non-traditional Christmas dinner...bottle of Plumpjack Cab, salad, salmon, shrimp stuffed potatoes, green bean bundles, rolls, my mom's famous lemon ice box pie, and cherry cheese cake. (I didn't get a picture of the food on the I just added the pics of each dish) We had a great Christmas and hope that you all did too!! Oh, I also added a picture of our Christmas Card Wall...I love going to the mailbox in the month of December to see all the cards from our sweet friends and family!!
Happy Birthday Jesus!!

A Very White Christmas!!

What a beautiful Christmas morning we had!! The snow was so pretty and, of course, so muchFUN!! We didn't get alot, but we had enough to play in!! The kids had so much fun throwing snowballs and making a snowman. Even Mary Katharine enjoyed the cold snow!!