Monday, November 30, 2009


Ole Miss's last home football game of the year was against LSU!! My Uncle Chad and his family came up to visit and go to the game with us. We had an awesome time and I am so thankful they came here!! The weather was just right and the grove was packed!! We had a very full tent ourselves!! We had some entertainment and we had many fans stop and hangout with us for several hours. Once the game started, Melissia and I took all the boys home and got comfy in our pjs, grabbed a glass of wine, and watched the game on TV. About halftime, we got in the kitchen and cooked. This was the highlight of the weekend for me. Melissia is a great cook and I love to hangout in the kitchen visiting, cooking, and drinking a glass of wine with her!!
~My family...last home game of the year~
~Michael, Me, Whitten, Katharine, Melissia, Abe, Vaiden, Bobby, and Chad~
~Katharine and I~
~Bridgett and I~

~Cliff, Michael, Brandon, Jason, and Jay~

~Our entertainment for the day...they were awesome!!

~Chad and Melissia brought some eggs to our house for the weekend!!~
Even though they were tainted with some tiger ink...they were still so, so good!!

Thanksgiving Feast

Whitten's MMO had a Thanksgiving Feast for all the parents. It was so nice and we had our first taste of Thanksgiving food. Whitten's teacher, Mrs. Jamie, made him a turkey it!! Once we got home, Whitten was "playing" with his art from MMO and decided he liked the stickers on himself rather than the sheet of paper Mrs. Jamie had for him. So cute:)

~Whitten and I at his MMO Thanksgiving Feast~

~Whitten's MMO class~

~Whitten with his stickers~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Simply Squared Frames

I want to give a big thank you to some awesome people that make beautiful picture frames!! I got my frame in this weekend and quickly put our beach picture inside and hung it on the wall. I am so excited how it turned out. Thanks again Misty and Donnie!! I love the frame!! Please check out their blog for more of their beautiful frames!!

1969 OM Football Reunion

A couple of weeks ago when Ole Miss played Tennesse, Ole Miss reunited the 1969 Ole Miss Football Team!! My Dad was apart of that team. That same team won the Sugar Bowl in 1970. My mom, Katharine, Michael, Vaiden, Whitten, and I all wore buttons with my Daddy's college picture on fun to see!! It was so much fun to see my Dad with his old college teammates!! The announcer acknowledged the team before the game started and Vaiden got to go out on the field with his G-Daddy. My Dad was more excited about that than he was anything else from the weekend!! Anyway, I was hoping to get the picture of the entire team on the field, but it hasn't been e-mailed out yet...I'll have to update later!! We love you G-Daddy and so proud you were a Ole Miss Rebel!!
~the scoreboard picture of the 1969 team~
(hope to have a better picture soon)
~the scoreboard~

~Vaiden sitting on G-Daddy's shoulder's watching the team run onto the field~

~My Daddy when he played for Ole Miss~

~Katharine, Vaiden, G-Daddy, Sittie, Whitten, and I~

~G-Daddy, Sittie, and Vaiden~

~Katharine and I at the game~

Friday, November 13, 2009

Whitten, the tough one...

Whitten hurt his little foot last week and gave us a scare!! We were playing with a ball and he went to kick it and fell down. He cried forever...which is so unlike him. He wouldn't put any weight on his foot for 2 days. It was so sad watching him crawl around the house or beg me to hold him. I finally took him to the doctor to have an x-ray and nothing was broken. The doctor put this ace bandage on his foot and said to give it a couple more days. Whitten is still favoring his foot a little but he is back to running, playing, and kicking balls again!!

Found it!!!!

It hasn't rained here in weeks, but somehow Vaiden found a huge mud hole...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ole Miss Girl's soccer made the tourney...

The Ole Miss Girls Soccer team had a free soccer clinic for the kids on Monday night. Vaiden had a blast learning and playing with his friends!! Whitten got into the action on the sidelines...he had a blast too!! After the fun on the field, we enjoyed pizza, snacks, and drinks and watched ESPN to see if they won a bid into the tournament. They got their bid and we were all so excited for them!! Hope they have a great tourney!! Good luck girls!!

Great day in the Grove

We had beautiful weather in the Grove on Saturday for the Northern Arizona was perfect!! We celebrated Morgan's 4th birthday also. She loved the cake we got her and the kids ate the cake up!! We ran into Colnel Rebel and had a picture with him. The Rebels won the all in all it was a great Saturday in the Grove!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cowboys and Indians

We had a great Halloween this year!! Michael and I were a little afraid of how Whitten would do with getting candy from each house and then not being able to immediately eat every piece. He did pitch a couple of fits. We figured out that is we let him hold the candy that mad him happy...then he figured out he could hold 2 pieces of in each hand!! After the 10th house, Whitten really had this trick or treating thing down....he walked right up there with his bag and then told Michael to "stop", jumped back into the wagon and asked for his "backpack" and then we were off to the next house. He did eat the candy after dinner and I think he had a tummy ache in the night...there was a lot of moaning!! Vaiden had a blast this year!! He got to see some of his buddies and he loved that his bag was too heavy to carry. It really was full to the top. Happy Halloween to everyone!!
~ The family headed out to trick or treat~

~Whitten, the Indian, and Vaiden, the cowboy~

~Vaiden the big brother is making sure Whitten gets his candy too!!~