Thursday, July 30, 2009

Memphis Zoo

Michael and I took the boys to the Memphis Zoo for the first time last weekend. It was so much fun and the boys loved it!! The zoo is beautiful and they have so many different animals. We hope to go back when the weather gets cooler!!

A "fancy dinner" for a not so fancy family!!

The Priestley House
Our not so fancy dinner in the "fancy" dining room!!

~ My boys on the steps of the Priestley Home~

~Whitten and I~

~Whitten, Vaiden, and G-Daddy~

~Whitten and Daddy~

Trey has been house sitting the Priestley House again. Michael and I took the boys over for a swim and Trey invited the whole family for dinner. My mom had already made lasgna and a salad, so we packed up the truck and headed over to swim and get dinner ready!! It was so much fun having our whole family back in this old house. We grew up right next door and it had been a long time that we had all been there together!! We ate in the "fancy" dining room and it was so much fun. We talked about all the memories we had from this old house so many years ago. We loved being there again and hope Trey invites us back next time he is sitting.


Vaiden and Sims

It's funny how two 4 year old boys can be such friends, but Vaiden and Sims really are!! They don't get to see each other often, but when they do they play to the fullest!! A couple of weeks ago we had dinner with Sims and Angela and then played at their house. Vaiden was so excited about riding Sim's four wheeler!! He is slightly obsessed with these things!! We miss y'all!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yukon Money Toy

A couple of weeks ago, the boys stayed with Nana and Paw-Paw for a couple of days. Vaiden helped Nana clean out her Yukon and she let Vaiden keep all of the coins that he found for all of his hardwork. Well, today Michael took Vaiden to Walmart to buy a toy with that money. They stopped by the change machine first and it cashed out $55.00. **Notice, Nana has a Yukon, not a Mac Truck...I don't know where she kept all that money!!** Vaiden choose to buy this remote control four wheeler (with a dude riding). It costs $45.00, so he spent his last $10.00 on a Hot Wheels toy for Whitten. Thanks to Nana for the new toys!!

Geo Trac Trains

Vaiden loves Geo Trac Trains. It is his "treat" when he goes to see Sittie and G-Daddy because all of these little, tiny pieces stay at their house:) Whitten has shown a great deal of interest in the trains as well. At first, he only wanted to tear down the tracks, but now he wants his own controller and train. It is great watching them play together!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Destin Nightime Fun!!

Michael and Vaiden went out crabbing each night we were in Destin. Michael loved catching the crabs, but Vaiden just enjoyed wearing his headlight and talking to the other crabbers on the beach. I also think he just enjoyed being with his Daddy!!

Destin Daytime Fun!!

While we were in Destin, Michael and Vaiden enjoyed some extra-curricular activities around town. While Whitten was napping they went out playing. When we rented the house, we got a few freebie passes. One was a boating adventure on the "Little Nemo Boating Adventure". We signed up for that and Vaiden was so excited!! He and Michael showed up and the boat was broken. Michael said seeing Vaiden's face when he told him they couldn't go, totally broke his heart!! Once Michael offered Big Kahuna's, Vaiden perked up and they enjoyed at great day at the water park. I hate I missed out on all of their fun, but I begged Michael to take a camera and my sweet husband did!! Here are a few they took from their fun week!! All in all they enjoyed a great week at Bass Pro, Go Cart Racing, and the water park.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Michael and I took the boys to Destin last week for a great vacation. We had a blast....many pictures to share!!
Our house for the week~The Bordeaux~

~Our family~

~Vaiden and Whitten~
~my sweet boys~

~Whitten, sandy face and all~


~Whitten, seeing the ocean for the first time~

The weather was a little cloudy everyday. They had a red flag up which meant the waves were big!! Michael and Vaiden rode the boogy board all day everyday!!

~Vaiden going solo~

~Whitten, trying to go solo~

~Vaiden and Whitten~

~Vaiden, hard at work~

~My boys love 'em some dump trucks!!~



~One of many sand castles~

~My sweet husband!!~
Thank you for working so hard...we love you!!