Monday, April 27, 2009

Double Decker Weekend

A couple of weekends ago, we enjoyed a beautiful day at the Double Decker Arts Festival. We started out the day early with Vaiden running in his first big race. He ran in the Kid's Fun was a mile long. Vaiden did awesome running, I think he walked only 10 steps!! He truly amazes me everyday at the things he does at 4 years old. We also enjyed some good food, great music, and beautiful art!! We had a great day!!
We all rode the Double Decker on the top was so much fun!!

This picture was a will be in the scrapbooks!!

Vaiden running...always with a smile on his face:)
Vaiden at the finish line!!

The family after Vaiden's big run!! We are so proud of him!!

Another baseball weekend!!

Michael, Whitten, G-Daddy, Sittie, Vaiden, and I
Whitten running the bases!!

Vaiden running the bases!!

My parents came up for another great Baseball weekend!! The weather was beautiful and the Rebels won...can't get much better than that!! Hotty Toddy Rebels!!

New Pet!!

Vaiden has been begging Michael and I for a pet. We finally gave in and let him have a fish. He wanted a goldfish and he wanted it that day!! The lady at the Pet Store said to leave that day with a fish, we should get a Beta fish. Vaiden choose to get a male beta fish and he is blue, but in his purple tank with purple rocks (he got to pick it all out!!) he looks a little purple!! Vaiden named him "Spudnik" and he is one proud little boy!!


When we were at my parents house a couple of weekends ago, my dad had some dirt brought in. He said it was to fill up some holes that were in the yard, but I really think it was for he and the boys to PLAY in!! The dirt was brought in on a Saturday and it rained so hard that night. Sunday morning was get muddy day!! As you can see from the pictures, Vaiden and Whitten still have their pjs on!! They literally woke up and headed out the door to play in the huge mud pile!! G-Daddy and Vaiden had a blast and got really muddy too!! Whitten played around the mud pile some, but he prefers muddy waters!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Signs of April Showers...

Mud Puddles!!
Vaiden and some of the other boys in the neighborhood were doing their usually playing after a their dump trucks through the mud puddles!! Whitten was very interested in playing with I took his clothes off and grabbed my camera and let him play. Whitten loved the water, the mud, and waiting his turn:) He really thought he was a big kid!! He got a little brave running through and stepped into a hole that was in the puddle and he basically ate it!! His face covered with muddy water was the shot of the day:)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Whitten had fun on his first dying experience!! He kept throwing the eggs in the cups and then clapping for himself...too cute:)

Vaiden and Whitten on Easter morning!!
The family
We had a great Easter weekend!! Saturday's weather was awesome, so we literally spent the entire day outside. Michael and I put pinestraw down in the flower beds, fixed up the boys fort (pics of the finished product coming soon!!), and grilled out. It was so nice watching the boys play while we sat on the deck with a glass of wine cooking on the grill...I really don't think there is anything better...the small joys of life:) Since the weather was so nice, we ate late and dyed eggs late too:( It was fun, but Michael and I both agreed that we need to dye eggs on Friday night, so the boys can really enjoy it. Sunday was great too. We went to church then home for a great lunch. We headed outside for an egg hunt and then it started to rain. Even though it rained the rest of the day, we still had a great time. We just played in the playroom all day with the boys new toys. Vaiden got a Pac-Man game that hooks up to the TV. Michael and I kept begging Vaiden for a turn. It's so much fun and addicting!! After the boys went to sleep, Michael and I played Pac-Man for 2 more hours. It's crazy!!
Happy Easter Everyone!!

After the bunny meeting...

After seeing the Easter Bunny, Michael and I let the boys play in the play area of the Tupelo mall. It is so nice. The mall also has a huge carousal that Vaiden loves to ride!! Here are some of the pics!!

Whitten trying to be a "big" kid!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Dreaded Easter Bunny Meeting...

Michael and I took the boys to the Tupelo Mall so they could see the Easter Bunny. This Easter Bunny really wasn't a cute bunny, but it was nice!! Vaiden said he wouldn't be scared this year...every other year he has been horrified!! He was a little nervous walking up to the bunny, but sat right down and smiled. Whitten, on the other hand, didn't want any part of that bunny from the first time he laid eyes on him. I told the camera lady that I would wait until she was ready and then literally put Whitten down, take the picture, and then pick Whitten up. I know it's sad, but I had to have the picture!!
Michael and I were so amazed at how Vaiden did with the EB this year. We told him we were so proud of him being a big boy and then he said, "Momma, did you see that person inside the bunny? I could see a person inside the bunny's mouth!!" No wonder he wasn't scared, he figured it all out. Needless to say, Michael and I came up with a great story on the way home!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Some of you might have seen the attempt Vaiden and I made at making the turkey cupcakes for his school's Thanksgiving Party. Well, we had a blast doing it, so we decided to make bunny cupcakes for his Easter Party. Vaiden and I had a blast making theses cupcakes too. He worked hard...eating the assesories!! After we got finished, I realized that the cupcakes looked more like cats than bunnies. Vaiden said he loved them and to him they looked like bunnies. I guess that is all that matters!!

Fun Weekend...

My parents came up for a visit last weekend. We went to the Ole Miss baseball games and had a blast. The weather was beautiful and Ole Miss won!! Vaiden loves to go to the games. Not for baseball, but for the food:) He always gets a hot dog, popcorn, Sprite, and a snow-cone. Whitten did really well for his first baseball game!! He sat in the stroller and really watched the game. He was very interested in the ball!! He also likes to eat at the games!! He is not picky...he just wants whatever you're eating!! We enjoyed it Sittie and G-Daddy...come back soon!!

Sittie, Vaiden, and G-Daddy

Whitten and G-Daddy

G-Daddy, Whitten, Vaiden, and Jake Morgan~he's a Canton boy!!

Vaiden running the bases after the game!!
Whitten running the bases too!!

Although, he really didn't want to run the bases...he just wanted to stand on them!!

Soccer Season as Ended:(

Vaiden with his trophy...he was so proud!!

~ Team Ninjas~




Soccer season has ended for us and Vaiden loved playing!! He is already looking forward to the Fall season. He really did improve alot over this 5 week season. He basically learned to play soccer!! He scored several goals and blocked a few too. The best thing about watching Vaiden play is watching his face. Take a look at the pictures below. In every shot, he has the biggest grin on his face!! These are only a few I picked, but seriously, every picture of him playing is the same!! He will probably be a better player once he quits smiling the entire game!! At least he is having fun and we love watching him play!!

~Vaiden is supposed to be the defendent here, but as you can see he is just running beside the boy SMILING:)~
Again Smiling:)

Still Smiling!!

Still Smiling and lovin' the life of a 4 year old!!

Easter Pictures

I will start out by saying that NO animal was hurt in the making of these photos!!
A local photographer, Lisa Patti, took these pictures of the boys. Vaiden loved the animals and wanted to stay all day with them. Whitten on the other hand, didn't quite know what to think!! The boys had fun and I got some great pictures!!