Friday, April 23, 2010

Grove Bowl 2010

The Grove Bowl was a couple of weekends ago and the weather made it such a beautiful weekend!! The Grove was packed with a ton of jumpies and food and the stadium was crowded with Ole Miss fans....can't get much better than that!! Connor Chisolm had his birthday party in the Grove and all the boys had a blast.

The boys with Dexter McCluster

He got one!!

Several weekends ago, Michael killed his firt turkey of the season. The boys had to get their camo on and have their picture taken with Daddy and his dead turkey!! Michael was so proud of this was double-bearded!! He said this made the second double-bearded turkey to ever kill. The funny thing about this is that when Michael was putting the turkey into the back of his truck, he stepped on one of the beards!! I know I shouldn't laugh, but I swear my husband could break a steel marble!! Anyway, I love to pick on him, but we were excited for him and his new kill!! Cute pic too!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

We spent Easter Weekend with my parents this year. It was alot of fun...the weather was great, so we got to play, nap, and eat outside:) The boys had a blast coloring eggs and their baskets were filled to the rim!! We also had a fun egg hunt on Easter morning. Michael and I took the boys to our old church, Pinelake. It was awesome as always!! The weekend was perfect...Happy Easter everyone!!
Vaiden and Trey playing our traditional egg cracking game...Trey won everytime but the last...Vaiden was so proud of himself!!
The boys and their baskets at my parents house. Take a good look at these huge baskets...everything is always bigger and better at Sittie's house:)
My family on Easter day!!
My mom has always decorated her house so cute for every holiday. Easter is no are a few of her cute decorations!!

Fishing on Easter Weekend

We spent the Easter weekend with my parents this year and it was great!! The weather was so beautiful!! The boys got out the fishing poles and literally fished all day. Vaiden caught his own fish...he was so proud!! Michael caught several and we had to take pictures with Daddy's fish too. Whitten had a blast throwing his line out into the water too. I am so glad Michael only gave him a weight and a cork on his line:)
Whitten got bored with fishing, so I turned it into a photo shoot!! I love this little man:)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Whitten's MMO Egg Hunt

Whitten's MMO Egg Hunt was alot of fun. The kids had a blast hunting the eggs. As you can see from the pictures, Whitten didn't go for quantity!! He picked up one egg, opened it, ate the cookies that were inside, and then went on to the next one. He only gathered about 6 eggs total!! This boy loves him some treats!!

Vaiden's School Egg Hunt

Vaiden's PreK class had a great egg hunt in the park. Each class had an egg hunt, picnic, and then playtime on the toys!! Vaiden's class made t-shirts for the day and each child made their own. The weather was beautiful and the kids had a blast!! Here are a few pics from that day...

Whitten Wii Boxing

My in-laws have a Wii now and both of my children love playing it. Vaiden is our race car driver...loves speed. So, his favorite game is Mario Cart. Whitten is our sports player...loves anything to do with sports!! He also likes to drive, but his favorite is the boxing. Here is a clip of Whitten showing us how to knock out an opponent!!