Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Party

We drove South this past weekend for Morgan Chisolm's 3rd birthday party at NB pumpkin patch. It was alot of fun and the weather was so nice. Vaiden loved the hayride, but his favorite was the swing. Whitten just loved crawling around in the dirt and pulling up on the pumpkins~they were just the right size!! It was fun going to the pumpkin patch again this year and it was even more special that we were celebrating a friend's birthday. We love you Morgan and happy birthday again!!

A Day at Aunt K's...

(Don't kill me for posting this picture KK~it's really cute!!)

My sister, Katharine, had the boys a Halloween happy, so we stopped by her house on Sunday on our way back home. She got them a ton of cute stuff. Vaiden's favorite was the silly string. No one wanted it on them, so Katharine told Vaiden he could squirt her fence. He is a graffiti artist in the making!!

Michael was inside watching Whitten and a NASCAR race. My parents, Katharine, Vaiden, and I were all outside. My dad started cracking up laughing and pointing at the glass door. Whitten had planted his face on the glass and started blowing his cheeks out. The cold glass probably felt good on his sore gums, but it was so funny!! He looked like he was trying hard to get some attention!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beach pics...

My 2 beautiful boys!! (Whitten best shot in the sand)
(I love those freckles!!)
Here are some of the pictures I took at the beach. You just gotta love that MS Gulf Coast water!! I choose to switch the pictures over to black and white...Poor Whitten didn't like the sand much, plus he was ready for his nap, so I took him home and returned to take more pictures. Enjoy!!

Coast Fun...

(Vaiden, Bobby, Whitten, and Abe)
( My mom's friend, Ann, with her grandchildren, my mom, Sittie, Abe, Vaiden, and Whitten)
(Giddie and his grandsons~minus Trey and Ian~and his 2 great grandsons!!)
(Abe and Vaiden~building sand castles)
(Abe and Vaiden)
As most of you know, my grandparents (Sittie and Giddie), lost their home in Hurricane Katrina 3 years ago. They lived in Ridgeland until August of this year~almost to the anniversary of Katrina. They have moved back home into their newly updated house and it looks great!! I hope they are happy!! Since we haven't seen them since August, I decided to take a trip since Vaiden was out of school for Fall Break. Sittie and Giddie were so excited to see us. They couldn't believe how big the boys were. While we were there, my mom was able to visit with one of her dearest friends, Ann. They had a great visit and tour in Ann's golf cart. We also visited with my aunt and uncle, Chad and Melissia, and their 2 boys, Bobby and Abe. Bobby is almost 14 and Abe is 6, and Vaiden loves playing with them both!! We love you all and miss you already...

Hanging with old friends...

(Katherine, Grant, Hadley, Vaiden and Whitten)
((Looks like Kat is missing a BABY to hold, Kelly!!))

(Katherine, Vaiden, and Grant)

Vaiden had 2 days off from school for Fall break. We headed south and visited with lots of friends and family. We caught up with Katharine, Grant, and Hadley early in the week. We met them at the park, ate lunch, and played for hours. We had such a great time and the weather was perfect. It was so good visiting with Kelly and Alicia. Vaiden said on the way home that we will have to do that next time we come to town!! Sounds like he had fun too!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fair 2008

(The Family at the Fair 2008)
(Vaiden and Sims~Speedway)
(Vaiden~Water Logs)
(Vaiden and Sims~Fair 2008)
(Me and Whitten~KK and Vaiden~Big Slide)
(KK and Vaiden~I love Katharine's face!!)

(Vaiden~Roller Coaster)
(Whitten, Sittie, and G-Daddy)
(Vaiden and G-Daddy~Bumper Cars)
(Michael and I~he's not real happy about doing this!!)
Michael and I had our first date at the MS state fair in October of 1995. We make a special effort to go back each and every year. We have gone with our friends, Angela and Sims McDaniel, for the past 2 years, so we all went again this year. My parents and sister, Katharine, went also. Vaiden was 45" tall this year and could ride anything he wanted. Sims on the other hand, was only 39" tall and had to watch Vaiden on a couple of rides. They both had a blast though!! I even got Michael to ride with me this year (he hates riding the rides~I love them all!!). Whitten had a blast too!! He rode in the stroller and watched it all. I took him down the big slide and he wasn't thrilled about it (notice his face in the picture!!) I am already looking forward to next year because Vaiden can ride the big rides with me!!

Pumpkin Courtyard

On Saturday, Michael and I took the boys to the local Episcopal Church to play in their pumpkin courtyard!! They both had so much fun. Vaiden picked out the biggest pumpkin there ($14 big). He was so proud of himself!!

Boy Toys

Michael's company is having a job fair in the next couple of days and they had 12 pieces of equipment out to show the students. Michael's boss told him that the keys were in the office and he was more than welcome to bring the boys and take them for a we did. Even Whitten got to ride a little, but Michael was a little uncomfortable with him in the bobcat, so he didn't get to ride long. Vaiden got to ride, dig, and empty dirt for a couple of hours. He loved it and wanted to ride them all. Michael was such a proud Daddy showing his boys around his work~they even got to see his office!! We love you Daddy and thanks for working so hard for us!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

T-shirts from Sittie...

Just wanted to give a shout out "thank you" to Sittie for the Trick or Treat t-shirts. The boys look so cute in them and the weather is actually cool enough for them to wear the long sleeves.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Homecoming at Ole Miss...

Well, the Ole Miss Rebels have lost yet again....we all have such high hopes for them, but we just can't seem to stay consistent!! Poor Rebels!! But as they say here in Oxford, "We may not win every game...But we ain't never lost a party"~and so the story goes!! We had a great time in the Grove!! The weather was beautiful for the Homecoming game and our tent was full of friends and family. The Chisolm's gave us an awesome Colonel Rebel banner that we hung up on the tent, but in the off season, it will be on my door~I love it!! Vaiden went to the game with Michael and his parents and he slept 'til halftime. Whitten and I hung out in the Grove and he napped in the wagon. We ran into Colonel Rebel and with much surprise Vaiden agreed to have his picture taken with him (I just hate that Michael wasn't with us to be in the picture)