Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A new driver...

When the boys were staying with Nana and Paw-Paw during Spring Break, Whitten got a new ride...a Spiderman 4-wheeler!! I was shocked to see him ride this little thing, mainly because he is such a little thing (14 months old). Michael said he jumped right on the 4-wheeler and darted off. He loves it!! Vaiden is also obsessed with cars and trucks that move. He has a John Deere Gator that stays at Nana and Paw-Paw's house that he loves too. He has outgrown it and begs all the time for something new. He either squeezes into the Gator or rides the "real" 4-wheeler with Nana or Paw-Paw!! My boys and their riding toys!! Anyway, I just thought this was a cute video clip that Michael took, so I thought I would share!! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hunting and's the way of life...around here!!

(Camo Cuites)
(Vaiden and his crappie)
For the last part of Spring Break, the kids went to stay with Michael's parents. They had so much fun!! Micael killed a turkey and of course, the boys had to get their camo garb on and be in the picture. Then the rest of the weekend, is was all about fishing. Michael, Paw-Paw, and Vaiden caught a ton of fish. Vaiden called me on Saturday night to tell me that they had caught some big bass and then ate them for dinner. He was so proud!! Michael baited Vaiden's hook, but Vaiden did the rest all by himself. Michael said he really did a good job fishing:) Nana and Whitten didn't fish, but they did play outside all day too.

Cute pics I had to post...

Here are some pictures from my parents house. They were too cute not to share!!
Whitten and Vaiden...waiting on G-Daddy to come home from work!!

Whitten with Katie and BB

"Dog" is the only word Whitten can say other than "da-da".
Whitten and Vaiden LOVE these two dogs. Whitten chases them around and Vaiden is a great helper feeding them!!

Spring Break

(Me, Whitten, Vaiden, Gibson, Daynie, and Candice)

(KK went with us to Gatti Town, too)

(KK and Whitten)

(Candice and Vaiden...gotta love that concentration!!)

(Daynie and Whitten)

(Vaiden on the bumper cars!!)

For Spring Break, we drove down to visit with my family. On the first day, we met up with the Parish's. We went to Gatti Town for some fun and MONEY SPENDING!! Boy, that place loves to take your money. I didn't realize that you had to pay buffett price just to walk thru the door. We didn't even eat there, but still had to pay...I think that is ridiculous!! Anyway, it was too late to walk out, because Vaiden was so excited about playing with Gibson and playing all the games. His new favorite ride was the bumper cars!! Whitten loved it, too. He ran around that place in circles . I got a workout!! Daynie loved playing with Whitten. She kept telling me that she wanted to hold my baby...he wouldn't even let me hold, Candice and I put them in a car together and pleased them both. They were really cute together!! We had fun seeing the Parish family. We miss them!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ole Miss Basball Game

(Vaiden getting his foul ball signed)

Michael, Vaiden, and I went to our first Ole Miss Baseball Game of the season. It was alot of fun!! The weather was just perfect for a baseball game. Vaiden enjoyed the game, but his favorite part was the popcorn and then he had M&M's to finish the day:) We sat close to the field, so he ran down to play with some other boys. He was able to get a foul ball....he was so excited!! After the game, he had the players sign it. We had a great day!!

Visit on the Coast

My grandparents, aka...Giddie and Sittie, lost everything in their house when Hurrican Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. The house was standing but everything inside was ruined!! It was horrible!! They lived in Jackson for 2 years and it was great. They were close by and we visited with them often!! They have rebuilt and moved back to the Coast and we miss them so much.
(Giddie, Whitten, Sittie, and Vaiden)
(Tanya, Whitten, GAD, and Vaiden)
My Aunt Dawn (my kids call her GAD...Great Aunt Dawn) and cousin Tanya flew in from New Jersey last week. My mom, sister, and I drove down to visit them all. It was a short, but great visit. My Uncle Chad and his family also live on the Coast, so we were able to visit with them as well. Chad's youngest son, Abe, will be 7 years old in a couple of weeks. He and Vaiden love playing together!!
(Abe and Vaiden)
Chad and Melissia have a chicken house in their backyard and Vaiden loves to help collect the eggs....Nice Chicken House...huh??
Vaiden collecting eggs


Whitten is spending time with his Paw-Paw and Nana for a couple of days and he has been missed so much!! He is one LOVEABLE little boy!! We love you Whitten and will see you on Wednesday!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vaiden's first soccer game...

Vaiden had his first soccer game last Monday. He was so excited about playing!! I don't think he cared much about the object of the game, he just wanted to run around and play with his new buddies!! Vaiden did great though. He didn't score a goal, but he did do alot of kicking!! When the game was over he bragged all night that his team had won...I finally had to tell him that the only reason his team won was because the other team scored 2 goals for us!! Ha!!
He had a blast and Michael and I really enjoyed watching him play. I will keep you all updated on the rest of his season!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our first snow in our new home!!

We were all so excited to wake up this March morning to see the ground covered with snow!! This was our first snow in our new home!! It was such a beautiful sight!! Michael and I got the kids bundled up and we headed outside to play!! Whitten got cold and lasted only 20 minutes...we took him in and put him back in the bed for a nap. Michael, Vaiden, and I stayed outside until all the snow melted. We had a blast sledding down the hills. I think Michael and Vaiden liked crashing more!!

~Snow on our house~

~Whitten's first snow~

~Vaiden's first snow~

~Vaiden snowball fighting~

Michael and Vaiden~sledding

Michael and Vaiden~crashing
~Vaiden and I sledding~

~Michael on his REDNECK sled~it's a shovel!!

After playing for several hours, we decided to collect some clean snow and head inside to make snow ice cream. Michael and I both had wonderful memories of eating snow ice cream when we were little. The snow ice cream was just as good today as it was when we were little. It was also a great ending to a wonderful morning!!