Saturday, September 10, 2011

A trip to the zoo...

The weather was a little cool, but Michael and I took the kids to the Memphis Zoo today. Mary Katharine loved riding in her stroller and the boys had a blast. Whitten was very interested in all the animals and the monkeys were his favorite!! The monkeys performed for us for at least 30 minutes. It was fun to watch them swing and run. Vaiden's favorite was the Apes. The boy ape was mad with the girl ape and he kept running her off. She would not leave him alone. She even picked up poo at one point and threw it at him. The boy ape never hurt her but it truly looked like we were watching children fight. It was crazy, yet very interesting!!

Mother's Day and Mary Katharine's Dedication

We celebrated Mother's Day and Mary Katharine's Baby Dedication today. Mary Katharine's dedication was very special and we were so thankful to have our families there to see her. She received her first Bible and a certificate of dedication from the church.

Michael and I both had our Mother's with us today for Mother's Day. It was so nice to have them both here. After church, we all ate at the Inn for a buffet lunch. It was so good!!

Mother's Day Gift

Vaiden came home with this picture. He gave it to me and said that he had made it for me for Mother's Day. It is a picture of me and him. I love that he added his freckles...I love his freckles!!

I want up too...

Mary Katharine loves her 2 big brothers!! They were playing on the bed and she was determined to get up there with them to play too. She is growing up way too fast!!

Another day in the neighborhood

When the weather gets will see this at all times!! These kids love to play outside!!

Boys and mud

Anytime it boys are so excited!! Playing in the mud is a favorite around here. We rode our bikes with a neighbor to the cul de sac and the boys found a huge mud pit to play in. They were so excited that they left their helmets on the entire time!! Ha!!

The weight of the mud pulled Whitten's pants off...we got the biggest laugh out of him...he never stopped playing:)

Mary Katharine and Cooper loved watching:)

Vaiden T-ball

Vaiden played t-ball again this year. He is allowed 3 coach pitched balls and if he can't hit them, then he hits from a tee. Michael has been practicing with Vaiden alot over the last couple of months, so he rarely hits from a tee. He did so much better this year. He actually was interested in the game rather than the dirt:)

Vaiden and his coach...Dad:)

Double Decker Festival

Vaiden ran in the Kids Fun Run again this year. He did great!! He really enjoys running and it obvious when you see his face. He ran the entire mile with this big grin on his face:)

Mary Katharine's pulling up

This is how I found Mary Katharine this morning. She was so proud of herself!! What a sweet, happy face:)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

OM Baseball

My parents and sister came up for several baseball games this year. The weather is always so nice and the kids love being able to run around and play. Vaiden gets his $4 snow cone and runs off to play on the playground with his buddies and Whitten sits right beside G-Daddy watching the game. He loves it!!

Aunt K and Vaiden

Vaiden with his "Snyder boy"

The boys with Coach Bianco

Whitten, Mary Katharine, Vaiden and G-Daddy with Canton Rebel...Jake MorganVaiden and Whitten running bases

Mary Katharin'e version of running bases:)

Whitten's swim lessons

Whitten took lessons at the local Activity Center. He was swimming at the end of last year, so I really wanted him to have a swimming refresher lesson so that when summer started, he would be ready!! He did great with his lessons here and then went on to a local mom/instructor. When our pool opened Memorial Day Weekend, Whitten was swimming:)

Kindergarten End of the Year Play

Vaiden's class performed the cutest class play. They performed the "Very, Hungry, Caterpillar". Vaiden was the plum and he was so excited because the plums got to wear glasses and dance. Vaiden's teacher wrote all the songs to the play and it was truly precious!!