Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A new guy in the house...

Whitten found an old Halloween costume of Vaiden's!! It's Buzz Lightyear!! He was so excited and wore this outfit all day. Nana was here today and took a trip to Kroger with Whitten (aka Buzz). She said everyone in the grocery store was saying how cute he was. He was in full uniform...hoodie and all!!

Comfy Spot

Mary Katharine has found herself a favorite spot...on the chest of her Daddy and Big Bro, Vaiden.

Diaper Cake from GAD

My Aunt Dawn...aka GAD (great aunt dawn) is a gift giver!! She sent Mary Katharine this adorable diaper cake. It is so cute and has a ton of diapers in it. I am afraid to take it apart just yet, so I have it as my centerpiece so friends and family can enjoy it as much as we do. Thanks again GAD for thinking of us and for sending the best gifts ever:)

"Can't get it Mommy"

This might not be funny to most of you, but so I can have a record of it...I had to post this story. Since being home from the hospital, we have had a ton of friends bring by dinner and treats. One afternoon, I let the boys eat a cupcake that was brought to them. Whitten was quiet as a little mouse eating his icing off the top until his elbow got icing on it. He started screaming, "Can't get it, Mommy" over and over and over!! He had his little arm pushed as close to his mouth as he could get it and with his little toungue sticking out...he was reaching so hard to get that icing. He is such a funny little boy and he loves some treats!!

More pictures with Mary Katharine...

Michael, Vaiden, Whitten, and I were able to load up in my newly squished Tahoe to bring the final member of our family home!! It was a good day knowing that we were all going to be together. The boys love having a baby sister and they are already quite the little helpers!!

Michael let the boys pick out these balloons for Mary Katharine's arrival home...they were so proud to have pink ones and one that says..."It's a Girl"!!

Sittie with Mary Katharine
G-Daddy with Mary Katharine

Katharine with her namesake...Mary Katharine

Nana with Mary Katharine

PawPaw with Mary Katharine

Sunday, August 8, 2010

IT"S A............

Mary Katharine Ellis
Born 8-9-10
9 lbs. 2 oz.
20.5 in.
Michael and I are still in shock that we have brought home this beautiful baby girl!! She has completed our amazing little family!!

1st day of school

Vaiden has officially started Kindergarten!!! I cannot believe that my little man is old enough to be in school ALL DAY!! It really breaks my heart!! On the other hand, he loves it!! As a mother, I am super proud and happy to see him so happy going to school. Here he is on his first you big boy!!

First trip to the dentist...

It was time to take Vaiden to his 6 month dentist check up, so I decided to let Whitten go for a check up as well. This was his first time at the dentist and he loved it!! He thought he was such a big boy and did everything the girls asked!! He was even prouder that he got a new toothbrush to take to love the small joys of life:)